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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered.

How effective is virtual healthcare? Shouldn’t I see a practitioner in person?
Many conditions that are treated in walk-in clinics can be treated virtually through video conferencing. In fact, we are able to effectively provide care to over 90% of people that visit our clinic. Our practitioners are accustomed to assessing patients at a distance. They can prescribe lab requisitions and other diagnostic tests and provide medication prescriptions just like at an in-person visit. A physician will refer you to a clinic or emergency care should he or she judge that your condition requires an in-person visit.

Conditions we commonly treat are:
  • Cold, Flu, Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Skin Issues, Rash
  • Stomach Ache, Diarrhea, Vomiting
  • Mental Health - Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Pediatrics - Fever, Rash, Respiratory Issues
Is EQ Virtual a Canadian company?
Yes! The EQ Virtual clinic was established in 2014 in Vancouver, BC. Our parent company, Equinoxe LifeCare, has been providing medical, wellness and mental health services through their homecare programs based in Montreal for the last 25 years. We are proudly Canadian and will continue provide Canadians with our undivided medical attention and care.
Are the EQ Doctors Canadian?
All EQ Virtual practitioners are licensed to practice within the Canadian private or public medical systems. Patients are always connected to a practitioner licensed in the province in which they reside.
Will I be paired with a Doctor from my province?
Of course. All EQ Patients are paired with local doctors who are actively practicing within their province. Upon scheduling an appointment, the Care Coordinators will tell you the name of your assigned EQ Doctor and can answer any province-specific care questions you may have.
I don’t have a medical care plan, what do I do?
For non-BC residences, EQ Virtual consultations are covered by most employer Health Spending Accounts. Residents may access care for $49 per consultation. EQ Virtual is not currently covered under provincial health insurance.

All BC residents have a care card number that is eligible for MSP (Medical Services Plan) coverage. MSP covers eligible telehealth consultations for all BC residents. If you are visiting BC from outside the province, your visit may also be covered. Please contact one of our Care coordinators by logging in for more information.

If you are a BC resident and aren’t sure if you have coverage, contact MSP today at 1 800 663-7100.
Are EQ Virtual consultations covered by my medical care plan?
Coverage options differ across the provinces. However, we work closely with insurance companies to provide virtual care as a paramedical service, as well. So be sure to ask your insurance provider if virtual care is covered under your plan, regardless of your location.

For BC residents, however, all medically necessary visits over the EQ Virtual platform are covered by the Medical Services Plan of BC.

For Ontario residents, consultations cost a flat rate of $49 each.

For other province residents, you can connect with a Care Coordinator to discover your coverage options. Speaking to a Care Coordinator is free of charge for all Canadian residents.
Do I need a family doctor to use EQ Virtual?
No. You do not need to have an existing family doctor / general practitioner to use EQ Virtual. In fact, 50% of our users claim to rely solely on private care and emergency departments. Our EQ Doctors are equipped to provide, reliable, coordinated care, regardless of your existing circle of care.
Is EQ Virtual meant to replace my family doctor?
If you have an existing family doctor, EQ Virtual physicians can support and assist with the care that he or she already provides. If you do not have a family doctor, EQ Virtual physicians can provide many of the same services that a family doctor can provide. We also have specialists on staff and can refer patients to practitioners in their communities for in-office visits when necessary.
What is a Care Coordinator?
As the name suggests, a Care Coordinator helps to coordinate the various elements related to your EQ Virtual care experience, including: Retrieving, updating, and protecting your medical records, scheduling your appointments and follow-up procedures, setting up appointment reminders, answering all administrative questions, assisting with account concerns, coordinating medical plan coverage, and much more.
How long is the average wait time for a consultation?
On average, you can connect with a Care Coordinator within minutes, and a physician can often be seen right away or by appointment the same day.
What care can EQ Doctors provide?
The EQ Doctors can assist with a variety of medical concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Cold, Flu, Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Skin Issues, Rash
  • Stomach Ache,
  • Diarrhea, Vomiting
  • Mental Health - PTSD,
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Allergies
  • Pediatrics - Fever,
  • Rash, Respiratory Issues
  • Prescription renewals & requests
  • Specialist requests
  • … and much more
How do I connect with the EQ Doctor after ending my conversation with the Care Coordinator?
Simply open your EQ Virtual account on your device at the scheduled appointment time. The Care Coordinator will reappear and connect you with your EQ Doctor.

Our Care Coordinators are happy to answer all of the platform-related questions you may have.
Does EQ Virtual have access to my medical records?
Upon your request, the EQ Virtual Care Coordinators can reach out to your family doctor or most recent place of care to access your past medical records.
Can EQ Virtual manage my new medical records?
Absolutely. All of your EQ Virtual medical records are securely stored on our medical-grade health care software.

We can also help you manage your record coordination by providing you with complete, confidential access to all of your appointment notes, requests, uploaded information, and records from EQ Virtual.

If you have new medical records from an external health care provider, we can happily coordinate those, upon your request.
Are my medical records secure with EQ Virtual?
Absolutely. EQ Virtual uses medical-grade software designed specifically to host, manage, and protect confidential medical records. The security system meets all Canadian Information Protection policies.
Do EQ Doctors treat children?
Yes. All of the EQ Doctors can offer pediatric care and counsel for children, toddlers, newborns, and expectant mothers. If you would like to speak to a pediatric specialist, specifically, please make that known to the Care Coordinator during your initial visit.
How can I connect with an EQ physician after ending my conversation with the Care Coordinator?
In the rare case that a physician is not immediately available, you can easily set up an appointment for a later time through your EQ Virtual account. When you login in for your appointment, a Care Coordinator will connect you with your EQ physician.

Our Care Coordinators are happy to answer any platform-related questions you may have.
Can I use EQ Virtual while I’m outside of Canada?
Yes. As long as you have an EQ Virtual account and are a Canadian resident, you can access EQ Virtual from anywhere. However, external referrals and requests may not be valid outside of Canada.
What services are not covered by my medical care plan?
The range of care we are permitted to provide differs across provinces. Please connect with a Care Coordinator (free of charge). For more detailed information based on your provincial regulations.

For BC residences, visits for the sole purpose of having paperwork filled out by a practitioner are not billable to your Medical Services Plan. Requesting lab tests that are not deemed medically necessary may also not be covered by MSP.
Can I use EQ Virtual from my smartphone?
Absolutely. The EQ Virtual App allows you to access EQ Virtual without a web browser. Because the EQ Virtual App requires users to have an EQ Virtual account to login, new users must create an account using a web browser before utilizing the app.
What if I don’t want to video conference? Can I just call, instead?
Telemedicine is defined as a face-to-face consultation between a practitioner and a patient, through a secure video conference. This is the service we offer her at EQ Virtual. A video connection is required.
Can I request to see the same EQ Doctor every time?
Yes. You may request a specific EQ Doctor to best suit your needs/comfortability. However, due to busy doctor schedules, you may have to wait longer to see a specific EQ Doctor. For the most immediate service, we suggest seeing the nearest available EQ Doctor and requesting that they share any new consultation information with your preferred EQ Doctor, for future reference.
What guidelines are EQ Doctors & Care Coordinators required to follow?
All EQ Doctors are obligated to work in accordance to their professional standards and codes, as established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Similarly, the EQ Nursing staff are obligated to work in accordance to their professional standards and codes, as established by each province’s Board of Nursing and Nursing Associations. The EQV Care Coordinators follow the Telehealth practice guidelines as well as the EQV Administrative Policies and Procedures.

In addition, all EQV employees are bound by the federal healthcare privacy and confidentiality laws. The information provided is securely recorded in a database. Only the employees involved in your care will have access to it, along with the quality assurance department. But the information is kept confidential and only used to assist in providing efficient and safe care.
Can EQ Virtual help with my medical marijuana requests?
No. Canadian virtual care providers are not permitted to assist with medical marijuana requests, whatsoever. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
Can the EQ Doctors assist with mental health concerns too?
Yes. We understand that seeking help can be difficult for those suffering from mental health issues. Fortunately, EQ Virtual allows your to seek help from the comfort of your home. The EQ Doctors can provide mental health counselling, referrals, advice, and much more.

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